healing hormonal anxiety

with Ing. Iveta Finn

using the power of bio energetics

We, women, know very well, how hormones affect the way we feel. Anxiety – like all other emotions – is a mixture of hormones too. Adrenalin, cortisol, imbalance between progesterone and estrogen, but also insulin, testosterone and oxytocin levels are very important in order for us to feel good.

You can alter the chemistry of your body – and therefore directly change the way you feel – by changing your diet, changing your habitual thoughts, by using medication OR by applying the easiest and most effective way (without ANY side-effects), which is using bio-energetics.

Bio-energetics directly impact the secretion of hormones in your body (this is scientifically proven), so you can achieve hormonal balance easier. You will also raise your vibration, which means, your subconscious mind will produce more positive rather than worrying thoughts, which stops the fearful spirals of panic attacks. Simply put, bio-energetics is The shortcut to feel amazing again.

And in this masterclass, you have a wonderful opportunity to learn all fundamental techniques to master your hormonal balancing:

  • how to re-condition your nervous system to stop producing excess adrenalin and cortisol, when you are not in real danger
  • how to bring estrogen and progesterone back in balance, so you can feel amazing during the whole monthly cycle (yes, I really mean this!)

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Healing Hormonal Anxiety
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