Reduce Anxiety
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alive, at peace, confident

That’s the way Moms describe their feelings, when their anxiety level drops. They know that it’s not just a coincidence or a lucky moment. They don’t fear it coming back, because they have mastered the 3 Steps. 

The first time you experience, that you can decrease the level of your anxiety – at any given moment, your life changes forever.


take your power back

10 million prescriptions for anti-anxiety drugs

are issued MONTHLY in the US only. And the number keeps rising, giving us a clear sign that anti-anxiety medications do not deal with the actual anxiety issue. In other words, these drugs might provide a temporary relief, but they don’t heal a thing. 

if a drug won’t heal me, what will?

When you suffer from anxiety, it does not mean you are in any way broken. You have not been born as an anxious baby. High anxiety is simply a conditioned reaction of your nervous system. Its only job is to keep you safe, but because this pattern was probably established before you were 3 years old, it reacts to threats a 3-year-old would see in a situation. So stop worrying – there is nothing wrong with you. And now you understand, why a pill can’t sort this out. The only person who has the power to heal you is YOU. And I would like to invite you to take your power back today.


reduce anxiety in 3 steps

course content overview

What are the most essential techniques to reduce and start healing anxiety issues of a mom, who is under a lot of pressure, is not abundant in time and hardly ever alone? That’s what you can expect to find out in this specialized course. In consists of 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Get your strength back

Stay grounded no matter what life throws at you

Step 2

Release stored anxiety

Gain constant access to your emotional freedom

Step 3

Identify the root cause

Discover what you need in order to heal your anxiety

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Do you need an introduction to Iveta?

Iveta dedicated her work to guiding women out of their anxiety, after she has experienced a major panic attack that turned her own life upside down in summer 2013. She has graduated from the official coaching institute of Tony Robbins and specialized in full recovery from anxiety and panic attacks. Working with driven women, Iveta gives them the tools and the confidence they need to outgrow their fear and become the new unshakeable version of themselves that is full of freedom, joy and can deeply enjoy the sacredness of motherhood.

reduce anxiety with iveta finn